Go Beyond Your Goals: How Apex Can Help You Exceed Expectations

Over the last eight years, Apex-partnered doctors have accomplished many life-long goals and have realized incredible growth. Now is the time we encourage all practice owners to look ahead to what they still hope to achieve in their careers.

At Apex, we’re dedicated to helping our doctors achieve their visions, whether that’s improved patient care, strengthened leadership, or more personal time for family, friends, and hobbies. Regardless of what your goals may be, a partnership with Apex can help.


Improving Patient Care

Refocusing on outstanding patient care has been a priority for orthodontist Dr. Stephen Robirds since he joined Apex in October 2020. Since that time, the Apex team has provided non-clinical administrative support so his team can primarily work toward delivering quality care.

“I want to make sure my patients are getting the best care, and Apex allows us the freedom and clinical autonomy to provide excellent service,” explains Dr. Robirds. “I can do what’s best for my patients without worrying about the day-to-day business.”

As Dr. Robirds discovered, an Apex partnership relieves our dentists of the majority of administrative burdens like credentialing, accounting, and recruiting. With our resources and specialized personnel, Apex can help you go beyond your capacity alone to exceed your patient care goals.


Becoming a Stronger Leader

At Apex, our doctors are encouraged to be leaders within their practice and the communities they serve. We find that growth-focused dentists looking to expand their roles are excited by the mentorship and educational opportunities we provide. These opportunities are carefully curated by our Clinical Leadership Council—a group of expert clinicians who have a demonstrated history of patient success.

When Dr. Kenneth Mueller joined the Apex Family, he saw first-hand how Apex’s individualized mentorship gave him the opportunity to get involved as a decision maker.

Comparing his experience with a large DSO, Dr. Mueller said, “Here, I work closely with the manager and have a greater influence in making critical decisions for my practice. In the past, the office manager was the authority who made a lot of critical decisions that I didn’t have any role in.”

If your goal is to elevate your leadership abilities, know that Apex will support you by offering a collaborative network of clinical and non-clinical experts. We empower our doctors with the lifelong tools and guidance they need to motivate their team to success.

Read more about the three phases of Apex Leadership.


A Better Balance of Business & Leisure

For most dentists, taking significant or uninterrupted time away from the practice is unrealistic. However, for Apex partner Dr. Sheila Emamian, joining Apex has helped her enjoy the balance of her career and personal life without the pressure of keeping up with administrative duties.

“Dentistry is something I worked very hard for. I appreciate that it’s a big part of my life, but it is not my whole life, nor do I ever want it to be. Apex allows dentistry to be the part of my life that I want without it taking over. I truly feel that my life is balanced.” Dr. Emamian says.

As a young dentist, Dr. Emamian greatly values her freedom and flexibility as a professional in this industry. Still, an Apex partnership can offer balance to doctors at any point in their career, regardless of experience level. Dr. Terry Reavis opened his first practice in 1988, and he only recently felt a true balance in his career.

“When I first became acquainted with Apex, I’d been in practice for 30 years. I was getting burned out—I was ready for a change. I was so thrilled when we partnered with Apex. Suddenly, I could go to work at eight o’clock, get off at five, and not worry about anything afterward.”

At Apex, we partner closely with your practice so that when you’re away, nothing gets missed. Our Apex Dentists achieve a healthier balance in their personal lives, creating a more satisfying work experience.


Improving Your Facility and Technology

Upgrading technology, repairing equipment, or working toward other facility enhancements can often be a daunting task. But with the support of Apex, it doesn’t have to be. Apex Dental Partners takes the burden off our practice leaders by keeping each office up to date and competitive in today’s modern market.

That was Dr. Marion Harris’s goal when he joined the Apex Specialty Team. Here, he explains how Apex has helped improve his processes for an overall greater patient experience.

“Apex has been great with getting the equipment we need. They have been vital in providing us with instrumentation and medications for every patient at all six locations we practice at. This helps my team be more efficient with our time and productive with our patients, so we’re able to accomplish a lot within the work day.”

On a broader scale, Dr. Bernard Avendanio’s practice has recently completed its second expansion since he joined Apex in June of 2017. In addition to maintaining practice facilities and technology, Apex takes care of complete construction project management. From budget negotiations to contractor schedules, Apex minimizes the burden to our doctors.

“I’d rather spend my time mastering the skills I do well than working on getting better at things I can only aspire to do at a mediocre level. There’s so much our managers at Apex do better than I ever could do alone. I can focus on my patients and the things I love doing, like being a great dentist,” Dr. Avendanio explains.

Your patients deserve the best service and equipment the industry has to offer. With Apex resources and expertise, we can ensure your facility is well -maintained and upgraded hassle- free.


Retiring at Your Own Pace

Apex Dental Partners offers options for a flexible retirement that allows dentists to preserve the legacy of their practice. Our dentists retire on their own terms with a custom timeline designed to ensure a smooth transition.

When Dr. Thomas Nabors was seeking a practice transition, he chose Apex because they gave him the ability to set his own pace for retirement.

“Joining Apex allowed me to sell my practice at the right time while providing the opportunity to continue practicing as long as I wanted. It really has been the best of both worlds. I’ve eliminated the stress of managing the business while continuing to build upon my professional legacy.”

If your goal is to ease into retirement, Apex’s experienced team will help in building the right succession plan for you. Learn more about our unique process for managing practice transitions by reading our blog article, “You, Your Team, and Your Patients: What to Expect When Joining Apex.”


Final Thoughts

When you join Apex Dental Partners, you become part of a family of like-minded professionals dedicated to helping you achieve your goals without compromising outstanding patient care.

As Dr. Harris put it, “Apex is not like your traditional dental support group. Apex is a bridge between corporate dentistry and private practice. They are very intentional about the support they offer and the managers they hire. Other DSOs are more concerned with the bottom line, but I don’t see or feel that with Apex.”

Learn more about the unique Apex experience by watching our doctor testimonial videos.

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