What Does Private Practice Reimagined® Mean?

From inception, our Private Practice Reimagined® model was specifically designed to preserve the values of private practice. 

Operating a successful dental practice in today’s environment requires an owner who is comfortable wearing multiple hats. In our evolving industry, profitable, growth-focused practices are no longer built on high-quality clinical care alone. In fact, keeping up with the increasingly complex facets of practice ownership, such as accounting, IT, marketing, insurance, HR, and payroll, can get in the way of what many dentists pride themselves on most – delivering quality patient care. 

Whether you are beginning to plan for retirement, seeking a better work-life balance, or simply looking for an opportunity to expand your practice’s potential, there are a variety of options to explore.

How was Private Practice Reimagined® Created?

Apex Dental Partners has created a solution to fill a major void in the dental industry. We call it Private Practice Reimagined®, born out of the growing need for a practice transition option that aligns with top dentists’ clinical philosophies and core values. The goal of this model is to never impede upon the aspects of private practice that our doctors value most: clinical autonomy, outstanding patient care, long-term patient relationships, and a satisfied, tenured staff.

The goal of this model is to never impede upon the aspects of private practice that our doctors value most:

  • Clinical Autonomy
  • Outstanding Patient Care
  • Long-Term Patient Relationships
  • A Satisfied, Tenured Staff

We consider ourselves pioneers in creating the preeminent practice model that combines the values of private practice with the resources and support of a larger organization. We achieve this with a dedication to delivering outstanding patient care, empowering our doctors as leaders, and living our shared values, all while maintaining a private practice look and feel through our non-branded market approach.

Private Practice Reimagined® Means

Creating an Outstanding Patient Experience

To deliver an unmatched quality of care for our patients, we focus on three primary elements:

To deliver an unmatched quality of care for our patients, we focus on three primary elements:

1. Building trust-based, long-term relationships

2. Communicating proactively

3. Delivering valuable service and support

A high level of trust between a doctor and patient helps ensure a pleasant, low-anxiety dental experience, and a well-trained team understands the importance of communicating, educating, and responding appropriately to patient needs – all ultimately contributing to an outstanding patient experience. Led by Apex’s Clinical Leadership Council, and in partnership with Apex’s support team of industry business experts, the day-to-day processes and best practices of our offices are thoughtful, efficient, and, most importantly, designed with the patient in mind. 

Dr. Terry Reavis of Bixby Family Dentistry explains:

“I have always felt that our patients should be treated the way we would treat our own family members, and I have never felt any pressure from Apex to practice differently from the way I feel comfortable practicing.”

While you concentrate on delivering exceptional clinical treatment, Apex focuses on supporting your practice to reach its full potential. Patients who have a positive and memorable experience will happily return and be more inclined to refer their friends and family for dental care as well. The Private Practice Reimagined® model’s mission is to improve the lives of our patients and the communities we serve.

Private Practice Reimagined® Means

empowering our doctors as leaders

At Apex, we recognize the powerful and positive impact our supported dentists have on the overall success of their practice. By enabling and encouraging our doctors, we are empowering them to grow into the strong leaders their teams and patients need.

A dentist’s evolution as a leader can be categorized in three stages: Emerging, Evolving, and Experienced.

Emerging Leaders

In the earliest stage of dental leadership, Emerging dental leaders begin to understand the importance of their role in the practice and how their behavior influences the culture, morale, and success of their team.

Evolving Leaders

Once dentists have established themselves as leaders within the practice, they begin Evolving their leadership style  to find what works best for their individual personality and practice objectives.

Experienced Leaders

Finally, as dental leaders progress in their career and hit their leadership stride, they become Experienced leaders and begin to focus on fine tuning their leadership style to maximize personal and team performance. While leadership is an ever-evolving journey, an Experienced dental leader is distinguished in knowing how to get the absolute best out of their team. 

We have found there is great wealth in the knowledge and camaraderie our doctor network has built internally. Regardless of the leadership stage you are currently in, Apex has a team of clinical leaders, mentors, and peers to lean on.

Private Practice Reimagined® Means


In order to best serve our patients, we remain steadfast in our commitment to integrity, excellence, and service.


Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. This is the foundation of our organization. We do what is right for our patients, our teammates, and ourselves, in that order.


At Apex, we commit ourselves to excellence. This means we will not compromise our standards in patient care or our focus on becoming the highest quality organization in dentistry. No matter the task, we pledge ourselves to work in a way that makes our teams and communities proud.


Service is both a mindset and the core of our mission. As an organization, we view service as supporting those who provide or are in need of dental care. Apex offers the guidance and structure that enables our teams to reach their full potential. 

Dr. Layla Lohmann, Apex co-founder and Clinical Director explains:

“I’m extraordinarily proud of the people Apex has attracted. Our affiliated doctors represent some of the very best clinicians in our markets, and I believe we support the highest quality network of dental practices in the industry.”

We recognize the benefit of partnering with doctors whose values align with our own. As an Apex Partner, you will be met with a customized transition plan tailored to your specific needs and goals, a heavy emphasis on staff and patient retention, a robust benefits package, a collaborative team environment, and a culture that emphasizes our private practice values. 

Private Practice Reimagined® Means

A non-branded approach

The stigma of “going corporate” is riddled with negative connotations that could potentially affect a patient’s perception of your practice. However, Private Practice Reimagined® means your practice will remain uniquely branded while still experiencing a smooth and streamlined transition on a timeline that works best for you.

Our goal is to preserve the legacy and identity of our partnered practices within their communities so staff retention and patient satisfaction remain high. We support you and your team behind the scenes with better technology, equipment, marketing, and continuing education so your practice can remain the best place for dental care, with a little extra assistance you may not have had before.

By joining Apex, your practice gains access to a group of passionate, innovative, and experienced clinicians and business professionals who all share this common goal – to deliver outstanding patient care. If you feel our Private Practice Reimagined® model could be a good fit, request your free practice valuation today.

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By choosing the right partner, selling your dental practice can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your professional career. At Apex Dental Partners, we work closely with you every step of the way to ensure you feel comfortable and confident you're making the best decision for your future.