Reimagining Private Practice

At Apex Dental Partners, dentistry is more than just a way to make a living, it’s how we serve others and improve lives.

The key ingredients that make Apex so special are:

Apex is dedicated to patient care

Our shared dedication to the patient.

Apex is special because of the talents of our team

The immense talents of our team.

Apex has a passion for dentistry to improve lives

A passion for dentistry to improve lives.


Patients are the heart and soul of your practice. When patients are happy, everybody wins. And we believe this should be true even after a doctor sells their practice. That’s why after becoming a partner with us, we want you focused on what you are uniquely qualified to do – providing outstanding care to your patients. Let Apex do the rest with our best-in-class, non-clinical, and administrative support services.

Apex is a good fit for your practice if you’re interested in:

Prioritize your clinical focus with Apex

Prioritizing Your Clinical Focus

We know that finding time for the administrative responsibilities of practice ownership is tough. Your top priority is patient care, yet desk work is critical to the success and growth of your practice. Partnering with Apex provides you with the freedom to devote 100% of your time to your patients while we take care of the rest.

Re-balance your lifestyle with Apex

Re-balancing Your Lifestyle

Whether you’re winding down your career or looking for more personal and professional freedom, Apex’s support significantly reduces the amount of time and energy dedicated to operating a successful and thriving practice. And when you’re ready to transition away from full-time dentistry, you can rest easy knowing your patients and employees will be cared for by a team who shares your values and standard of care.


A well-run practice leads to happier patients – every interaction impacts their experience before, during, and after a visit, and it keeps them coming back. While you focus on treatment, Apex focuses on everything else that helps your office thrive. We offer world-class non-clinical and administrative support services with the ultimate goal of providing an Outstanding Patient Experience.


“It’s a relief to know that my practice is running smoothly and efficiently in the background so I can concentrate on my patients. At the end of the day, I can enjoy my time off without worrying about the little things.”

dr-bernard-avendanio-50  Dr. Bernard Avendanio


“With Apex, we were able to maintain our clinical autonomy and patient-centric practice culture while benefiting from top-notch marketing expertise that resulted in a steady inflow of new patients.”

Long_Julie Dr. Julie Long


“I found myself spending a disproportionate amount of time dealing with billing, insurance and payroll. Now that I’m partnered with Apex, I don’t have to worry about those things and can focus solely on my patients.”

Dr._Rayburn_50   Dr. Rodney Rayburn

Professional Development

“The personal and professional growth of my team is extremely important to me, and Apex meets that need with excellent training initiatives that keep them engaged.”

Walter_M._Davies2021__headshot   Dr. Walter Davies

Human Resources

“Apex truly cares about their people which is evident in their recruitment strategy, benefits packages, and incentives. As a result, our team is stronger and happier than ever before.”

Dr-Jarrett-Stone   Dr. Jarrett Stone

Why Should


We developed our Private Practice Reimagined® model as a commitment to preserving the feel and culture of relationship-based, patient-focused dentistry. Providers in our family of practices retain clinical autonomy, enabling them to focus 100% on providing the best possible patient care – Apex takes care of the rest.

As our partner, you’ll benefit from:

Doctors benefit from financial security

Financial Security

Partnering with Apex allows you to take out the equity you have built in your practice and begin planning for the future.

Doctors benefit from flexibility


Apex is happy to partner with dentists who share our values – whether you want to work full or part time, for two more years or twenty.

Doctors benefit from confidence


When you’re ready to transition your practice, you can rest assured your patients and team will be taken care of by people who share your values.

Doctors benefit from professional collaboration.


At Apex, you’ll be joined by a network of like-minded clinicians and have the opportunity for professional collaboration.

Since its inception Apex has grown to be a leading dental support organization, WITH OVER

The Apex network has 170 providers


The Apex network has 350 team members


The Apex network has 100,000 active patients



As we continue to grow, we remain fully committed to providing each individual partner with the same high-quality services they expect and deserve.



Are you ready to let Apex take the burden of administrative demands off your plate so you can focus your full attention on providing top-quality patient care?

Here’s how it works:

Connect with Apex


If you think Apex might be the right partner for you, or if you simply want to explore our partnership opportunities, we’re here to help. Let’s have a conversation.


Collaborate with Apex


We’ll work together to evaluate your business, determine if our model and philosophy is the right fit, and establish a fair market valuation for your practice.


Partner with Apex


As a new member of the Apex family, you and your team will immediately benefit from our support and have confidence that your practice legacy is secure for years to come.


Joining Apex allowed me to sell my practice at the right time while providing the opportunity to continue practicing as long as I want. It really has been the best of both worlds. I’ve eliminated the stress of managing the business while continuing to build upon my professional legacy.

Dr. Thomas Nabors
Las Colinas Dental Group

Since affiliating my practice with Apex, I no longer worry about trying to guess the right time for a practice transition. I have the freedom to practice as long as I desire, and I have peace of mind knowing that I have secured my financial future. I can honestly say that I found the right partner at the right time.

Dr. Ed Lutz
White Rock Dental Group

I had built a successful practice, but after 19 years, I knew I needed a partner if I wanted to continue to grow and further maximize its potential. Through their personalized support, Apex invested both capital and business expertise into the areas of my practice that needed it most. One year later, I can honestly say that I made the right decision. We have exceeded expectations, and I am on pace for the best year of my career. 

Dr. Bernard Avendanio
Turtle Creek Dental Associates

Before I joined Apex, I planned to practice for two more years and then retire. However, once affiliated, I felt an instant sense of relief. Without the burden of practice ownership, I have the energy to continue practicing, and best of all, Apex supports my decision.

Dr. Jack Siegrist
Williams Square Dental Group

I worked my entire career to build a practice that I was proud of and had significant value. And when the time came, Apex was the perfect partner for me to capture the equity in my practice at its peak while allowing me to continue enjoying dentistry, my staff, and my patients as long as I desire. My team loves the culture and the new energy Apex brought to our practice, and I love the freedom to continue practicing dentistry the way I always have.

Dr. Rodney Rayburn
Legacy Dental Group

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By choosing the right partner, selling your dental practice can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your professional career. At Apex Dental Partners, we work closely with you every step of the way to ensure you feel comfortable and confident you're making the best decision for your future.