From a young age, it became clear to Dr. David Seguin that he should pursue dentistry. The profession provided him the opportunity to turn three of his passions into a life-long career — science, artistry, and working with his hands.

After stepping away from the practice, Dr. Seguin enlisted in the military under the Army Dental Corps. Following his three year military term, he decided to return home to San Antonio as an expectant father and become a first-time dental practice owner at Dental Care of San Antonio. Dr. Seguin’s experience with practice ownership was relatively smooth, traditional, and successful. However, as time passed and his family grew, Dr. Seguin realized the need for a support system that could allow him more time with his family and a long-term plan for retirement.

Admittedly, his perception of corporate dentistry was less than positive, but Dr. Seguin decided to explore some benefits of partnering with a dental support organization.

Initially hesitant and fearful of losing clinical autonomy to corporate management, he was met with pleasant surprise to learn that some partnership options would allow him to enjoy the best of both private practice dentistry and group support. In his pursuit of support options that aligned with his values and clinical philosophy, Dr. Seguin discovered Apex Dental Partners.

“I was considering many DSOs at the time, but honestly, I wasn’t very impressed until I found Apex. The whole interaction felt very genuine. After personally meeting the team at the support office in Dallas, I knew Apex was the right fit for me. It was clear we shared the same values, I admired their unique approach to private practice, and I loved their doctor-focused culture.”

With a leading focus on values and the Private Practice Reimagined® philosophy, Apex Dental Partners stood out as a unique dental partner that offered what other support organizations couldn’t. In February 2020, Dr. Seguin officially partnered with Apex. 

Just three weeks later, the COVID-19 pandemic struck. Lockdowns, office closures, and an overwhelming sense of fear and uncertainty swept over all industries, all across the globe. Albeit an unorthodox transition due to the circumstances, Dr. Seguin recounts that Apex was still able to provide a smooth transition process for him and his team.

Many doctors at this time were unsure of what the future might hold for their practices, but the dental group backing from Dr. Seguin’s partnership with Apex offered stability and support. Throughout the lockdowns and once practices began to reopen, Apex kept Dr. Seguin and his team staffed, paid, and up to date set with safety protocols.

As the general state of public fear began to subside, it became clear to Dr. Seguin that he chose a partner that valued each individual just as much as they cared about the business. 

“Having that assistance made my experience getting through the pandemic less stressful overall. Apex is a company that cares. There was an obvious, genuine commitment to values that Apex did not stray from, as well as great communication from every level of the support team. ”

As the world continues to restabilize following the shutdowns, so has life at Dental Care of San Antonio where Dr. Seguin is currently celebrating 30 successful years of dentistry. When asked what wisdom he may have to impart to fellow doctors considering partnership options, he recommends finding a support group that compliments the same values you have at your own practice. 

“A huge selling point for me was that Apex never asked me to change my clinical philosophy. I never had to give anything up in this transition and I always felt like Apex strived to support me in the way that I wanted to practice. Apex does not have a ‘corporate dentistry’ feel. You still get to maintain all the benefits of private practice but now alongside a huge support system of business professionals and other doctors. I knew off the bat, that Apex’s commitment to providing excellent service was true, and my experience getting through the pandemic only served as further proof that who they say they are, is truly who they are.” 

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By choosing the right partner, selling your dental practice can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your professional career. At Apex Dental Partners, we work closely with you every step of the way to ensure you feel comfortable and confident you're making the best decision for your future.