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Apex Dental Partners – Private Practice Reimagined®

Joining Apex allowed me to sell my practice at the right time while providing the opportunity to continue practicing as long as I want. It really has been the best of both worlds. I’ve eliminated the stress of managing the business while continuing to build upon my professional legacy.

Dr. Thomas Nabors
Las Colinas Dental Group

Since affiliating my practice with Apex, I no longer worry about trying to guess the right time for a practice transition. I have the freedom to practice as long as I desire, and I have peace of mind knowing that I have secured my financial future. I can honestly say that I found the right partner at the right time.

Dr. Ed Lutz
White Rock Dental Group

I had built a successful practice, but after 19 years, I knew I needed a partner if I wanted to continue to grow and further maximize its potential. Through their personalized support, Apex invested both capital and business expertise into the areas of my practice that needed it most. One year later, I can honestly say that I made the right decision. We have exceeded expectations, and I am on pace for the best year of my career. 

Dr. Bernard Avendanio
Turtle Creek Dental Associates

Before I joined Apex, I planned to practice for two more years and then retire. However, once affiliated, I felt an instant sense of relief. Without the burden of practice ownership, I have the energy to continue practicing, and best of all, Apex supports my decision.

Dr. Jack Siegrist
Williams Square Dental Group

I worked my entire career to build a practice that I was proud of and had significant value. And when the time came, Apex was the perfect partner for me to capture the equity in my practice at its peak while allowing me to continue enjoying dentistry, my staff, and my patients as long as I desire. My team loves the culture and the new energy Apex brought to our practice, and I love the freedom to continue practicing dentistry the way I always have.

Dr. Rodney Rayburn
Legacy Dental Group