For as long as she could remember, Dr. Keisha Aurentz has wanted a career in healthcare due to her passion for serving her community and affinity for math and science. This ultimately led Dr. Aurentz to study biology and graduate from The University of Texas at Austin before going on to The University of Texas Health and Science Center in San Antonio for her dental degree. 


Becoming a dentist fulfilled Dr. Aurentz’s desire to have control over her own schedule while prioritizing her roles as a wife and mother. Further, as a private practice owner, Dr. Aurentz realized her duty beyond providing treatment was to create an environment for personalized care for every patient.


“Owning my own practice was about creating a unique experience for patients. I really wanted to have a practice that focused on patient care. I would lay the foundation of long-term relationships and a team that cared about the community so the environment would be something that we could all be proud of.”


However, the autonomy of ownership had its challenges. Dr. Aurentz’s biggest struggle was dealing with the day-to-day management of private practice. 


“I ended up taking a lot home and working in my free time when I really wanted to be with my kids. It was a lot. I felt like I was working two full-time jobs, and you can only do that for so long. It got to a point where I was questioning, ‘What exactly is going to make me happy?’ and ‘What are my priorities?’”


This was the beginning of a wake-up call. Dr. Aurentz knew something needed to change to prioritize her family, but she worried that partnering with a corporation would compromise her authority as a clinician and weaken the practice culture she had worked so hard to build. 


However, the fear and confusion caused by the COVID-19 outbreak led Dr. Aurentz to take the first step and consider her options for support. 


“It was scary for me to feel like I was alone. I didn’t know the protocols or what I’m supposed to do if someone tested positive. We needed extra support.”


The overwhelming stress of navigating the challenges and uncertainties regarding patient safety increased Dr. Aurentz’s desire to have the security and guidance of a large organization. Dr. Aurentz needed a partner who would provide her with the resources she needed and remove her administrative burdens while staying true to the values of private practice. 


After exploring many options, it was clear that Apex was different from other DSOs. Not only could they provide the support she required with recruiting, IT, marketing, and more, but they also shared her commitment to the patient experience.


“I felt like it wasn’t just about the bottom line at Apex. They genuinely emphasize patient care and patient experience.”


Dr. Aurentz confirmed Apex would be the perfect match for her by reaching out to other doctors in the network. When asked about their experiences, the testimonials they shared were honest and matched Dr. Aurentz’s goals for a supportive partnership. Apex’s Private Practice Reimagined® philosophy puts the emphasis on patient care and private practice values, empowering clinicians to maintain their professional autonomy and exceed their capabilities as a solo-practice owner. 


“For Apex, the ultimate goal is to make things smoother on staff and provide a better standard of care. They’re super supportive, and at the end of the day they want to provide anything they can to make the patient experience better. I wouldn’t hesitate at all to recommend them!”


With Apex, Dr. Aurentz has seen positive changes in her professional and personal lives. The streamlined administrative processes provided by Apex have not only eased the burden on her team but also elevated the standard of patient care with new technology and marketing strategies. Friends and family have commented that she seems “lighter” with the reduced load, as she and her husband are eagerly preparing for their third cruise of the year and looking forward to several more trips. Dr. Aurentz is grateful that her Apex partnership has been successful, giving her time to invest in continuing education, grow as an asset to her community, spend more quality time with her family, and most importantly, leave work at work!