It’s normal to get frustrated when you’re headed in a specific direction and life takes a left turn. Curve balls are typically an unwelcome surprise, but that was not the case for Dr. Jarrett Stone. After originally enrolling at Texas A&M to become a teacher and coach, Dr. Stone found himself shifting his focus toward dentistry during his freshman year. 

Though he had never considered dentistry as a profession, being invited to a meeting by the local pre-dental society was the catalyst for Dr. Stone switching paths. 

“I went, listened to a couple of speakers, and instantly became interested. When I went home to shadow my family dentist, I fell in love with the profession,” Dr. Stone said. “Going to dental school wasn’t what I planned. But that’s okay. Sometimes life just takes a left turn!”

Unexpected Opportunities Arise

Upon graduating from dental school, Dr. Stone was offered an associate position with his family dentist. This opportunity allowed him to build relationships, work with patients one on one, and gain mentorship from the dentist he’d grown to know and respect. 

Looking for a new challenge, Dr. Stone transitioned to a role at one of the nation’s largest DSOs before finally discovering an opportunity he could benefit from long term. 

An old friend from dental school called to tell Dr. Stone about an open position at a practice in his community that was supported by Apex Dental Partners. After researching the role, Dr. Stone also discovered that Apex was co-founded by Dr. Layla Lohmann, one of his former instructors and a full-time practicing dentist. The potential to work close to home, gain mentorship from a trusted advisor, and expand his career inspired Dr. Stone to apply for the position.   

Soon after, Dr. Stone had a call with David Lohmann, CEO of Apex, to discuss the job and qualities that make Apex unique. What David presented was an opportunity to work at a practice that combined growth potential, the support of a dental group, and the feel of a private practice. David also emphasized the clinical autonomy Apex Dentists have and the support they receive to become confident clinical leaders. 

We call this model of dentistry, Private Practice Reimagined®. Watch our video to learn more.

Once Dr. Stone visited the practice for the first time, he immediately saw the value in Apex’s unique approach to dentistry. The team was welcoming, collaborative, efficient, and operated smoothly in their dedication to outstanding patient care. Upon seeing this, Dr. Stone realized a partnership with Apex was exactly the position he didn’t know he needed. 

“Throughout my career, I’ve always kept an open mind because you never know when a good opportunity will arise. When I heard about Apex, I was working in a fast-paced DSO-owned office. I wasn’t looking for another job, but I knew that joining the Apex family would give me a supported environment that fosters growth while staying true to the relational values of dentistry that originally attracted me to this profession.” 

Continuing the Upward Momentum 

Dr. Stone’s transition to the Apex team was smooth, including a period of working side by side with the original selling dentists before they retired. Once he officially moved into the lead position, Dr. Stone became the primary provider and mentor for his team, a role he was well equipped for with Apex’s support. 

“I’d proven to be a good clinician, and Apex was confident I could excel in this role too. They provided everything we needed with the goal of developing me as a leader which in turn better serves our patients.”

In validation of Dr. Stone’s hard work, valued partnership, and achievements to the growth of his practice, he was offered the opportunity to become an Apex Owner Dentist. This acknowledgment allows established Apex clinicians the unique opportunity to make a cash-equity investment in a company they already trust and believe in. As one of the nation’s fastest-growing private corporations, Apex is dedicated to the partners who promote its mission of service.

Dr. Stone’s phenomenal growth as a leader and clinician has empowered Apex to further support his goals. Recently, his team moved to a beautiful new office and expanded their capacity to offer a higher level of care to the community. 

“In the past two years since we’ve moved to this new office, we have added a hygienist, another full-time doctor, and two new roles at the front desk,” Dr. Stone said. “We’ve grown significantly, which is wonderful. It’s rewarding to know we can provide services to even more families in this community.”

From 2020 to 2021, Dr. Stone’s practice saw a 25% increase in revenue and is projected to grow another 15% in 2022. 

Left Turns Lead Home  

The curve ball that put Dr. Stone where he is today has now allowed him to fully enjoy and appreciate his decision to become a dentist. When asked how he wants to continue developing as a leader, Dr. Stone said one of his primary goals is to become more involved within his community’s public school system, just as he planned when he originally enrolled at Texas A&M. 

As he hears the stories of his colleagues who own practices, Dr. Stone appreciates that he likely wouldn’t have the time or dedication to give back without Apex’s support and commitment to handling administrative, marketing, HR, and IT responsibilities. Dr. Stone’s partnership with Apex provides a strong foundation that allows him to lead his team and treat his patients without the burdens of a practice owner. 

 “Having that stress and weight off my mind is so liberating,” Dr. Stone said. “I can focus on becoming better in the ways that add value to my life. Being a part of the Apex family has been very rewarding for me, and I plan to be here for a long time to pay it forward.”