A Path to Rediscovering Patient Care with Apex

Outstanding patient care extends beyond the operatory. A dentist who values his role as a leader will discover that the heart of our industry is in the relationships built within the community you serve. By partnering with an organization who supports these values and the goals of your practice, you can maintain a patient care philosophy that endures multiple generations.

At a young age, Dr. David Grinsfelder had been driven by a deep-seated passion for helping others. He pursued his dream of working in healthcare by studying Biology and Chemistry at  Texas Tech University in Lubbock, before ultimately earning his dental degree from Baylor College of Dentistry in Dallas. 

 Dr. Grinsfelder started his career as an associate at his father-in-law’s practice. Working alongside family and providing care for the neighbors and friends within his own community, was a source of great joy for him. For Dr. Grinsfelder, outstanding patient care extends beyond immediate treatment needs; it is about establishing a personal connection with each patient, building trust, and treating them as valued members of his extended family.

In Grinsfelder’s own words, “you have to look at the person. I get to know my patients, and it helps them trust in the treatment I recommend. I know my patients very well. We are just like a big happy family!” 

For over three decades, Dr. Grinsfelder and his father-in-law worked simultaneously to build and grow a practice founded in long-term relationships and one-of-a-kind care. However, in 2006, when his father-in-law retired, Dr. Grinsfelder found himself solely responsible for the practice’s administrative demands. He faced the formidable challenge of leading HR, IT, Marketing, Accounting, and more. 

I’ve had my practice for 41 years and one thing they do not teach you to do in dental school is practice management. I learned along the way through trial and error and overcoming inevitable mistakes.”

In 2014, Dr. Grinsfelder enlisted an associate dentist to join the practice, hoping they could alleviate some of the business burdens as his long-term transition plan. Unfortunately, this addition did little to ease the overwhelming workload, and Dr. Grinsfelder found himself increasingly preoccupied by his new associate, growing team, and changing practice. The management tasks remained top-of-mind and continued to pull him away from his true passion: patient care. 

Frustrated by the lack of work/life balance, Dr. Grinsfelder recognized the need for a significant change and sought a partnership with Apex. “It was the right time in my life to not have to worry about payroll taxes, staffing, or managing equipment,” he noted. Apex stepped in, offering Dr.  Grinsfelder the opportunity to simplify his life and refocus on his patients. 

Apex didn’t ask me to alter my treatment philosophy or my work. The equipment is better, the materials are better, the technology is better, and I’m able to produce higher quality dental care for my patients than I ever have. If you are looking to make your life a little calmer and have more time to spend with your family, Apex is a wonderful choice.” 

With Apex’s support, Dr. Grinsfelder could re-dedicate his time to specialized patient service. His practice became a place of joy and fulfillment again, where he could enjoy visiting with patients who had become his family.

Outside of his practice, Dr. Grinsfelder enjoys his newfound free time, indulging in hobbies like playing golf, but most importantly, he values the time spent with his loving wife, children, and grandchildren— a well-deserved reward for a lifetime of dedication and exceptional service!