DALLAS, TX – Co-Founder and CEO of Apex Dental Partners, David Lohmann, was recently featured on The Dentalpreneur Podcast, hosted by Dr. Mark Costes. The Dentalpreneur Podcast with Dr. Mark Costes is one of the most listened to dental podcasts in the country, providing listeners with conversations and insights on topics ranging from business, marketing, services, and professional development.

In the episode which premiered on August 26, 2022, Lohmann was asked what sets Apex Dental Partners apart from other dental support options. He responded, “At Apex, we hold ourselves to the standard of building the highest quality organization in dentistry. So, early on we established what we called our “Clinical Leadership Council” as a clinical board within our organization. They are at the forefront of decisions that cross over both the business and the clinical side. Apex is unique because we put a structure in place that allows decisions to be made by a team who appreciates that dentistry is a patient-centric industry. We recognize that it’s important to empower our doctors and office managers to make the day-to-day decisions that impact their practice every day.”

Apex’s Private Practice Reimagined® model is the non-branded alternative to traditional private practice dentistry which offers leading support by industry experts in fields including IT, Marketing, Accounting, Finance, and Human Resources. With this unique approach, Apex has grown into a highly-desirable partnership option with 37 locations and over 170 providers without compromising clinical autonomy and patient care.

Listen to David Lohmann’s full conversation with Dr. Mark Costes, titled “Episode #1522: Building a 37-Practice DSO” at: www.truedentalsuccess.com/the-dentalpreneur-podcast/1522-building-a-37-practice-dso/

About Apex Dental Partners

Apex Dental Partners is a dental partnership, leading the way in reimagining private practice dentistry for the next generation of clinicians focused on long term relationship-based, high-quality patient care. Through its non-branded model, Private Practice Reimagined®, Apex offers dentist-leaders the best of both worlds: the values of traditional private practice, and the power and lifestyle of being part of a group. With Apex, you can work with a team focused on providing you the freedom to do what you do best. For more information, visit www.ApexDP.com.