DALLAS, TX — Apex Dental Partners, a leading dental support organization renowned for its commitment to preserving the patient-centric values of private practice, is proud to announce its latest strategic partnership. This new affiliation boosts the Apex Family to over 600 employees at 43+ supported dental practices across Texas, Colorado, and Oklahoma.

“An Apex partnership enables our clinicians to elevate patient experiences while simultaneously benefiting from the world-class support of a growing organization,” shared David Lohmann, CEO of Apex Dental Partners. “We passionately believe that our Private Practice Reimagined® philosophy is the best path to a long-term career for dentists looking for personal and professional flexibility, innovative solutions to practice challenges, and a community of like-minded peers dedicated to success and service.”

In recent years, Apex Dental Partners has emerged as the premier choice for dentists. Backed by a team of HR, Marketing, IT, Operations, and Accounting professionals; Apex practices experience an elevated level of support, while partners gain access to a network of experts, resources, and advanced technologies, all designed to redefine excellence.

About Apex Dental Partners

Apex Dental Partners is a dental partnership, leading the way in long-term, relationship based, high-quality patient care. Through its non-branded model, known as Private Practice Reimagined®, Apex offers supported dentists an increased level of personal and professional flexibility. With Apex, you can work with a team focused on providing you the freedom to do what you do best. For more information, visit www.ApexDP.com.