A Mutual Investment: How an Apex Partnership Benefits Dentist-Leaders

We call ourselves Apex Dental Partners because we view ourselves as allies to those who improve lives through dentistry. We were created by and for dentists who have a reverence for the fundamental values of this profession, and we believe it is our duty to maintain the tradition of dentists being natural leaders in their practices.

We take great pride in promoting the development of our partner dentists as leaders and entrepreneurs. We do that through CE and coaching and also through our approach to their role in the practice and in our overall organization. The backbone of how we define the role of dentists within Apex is laid out in our Doctor Partnership Path which actively supports, empowers, and rewards the dentists within Apex.

The Path: Developing from Doctor to Leader

Great leadership skills are not learned overnight. They are developed through time, dedication, and support from a network of like-minded mentors. Apex’s Doctor Partnership Path guides dentists through this journey, delivering increasing levels of responsibility, ownership, and accountability as dentists grow to become strong leaders.

Stage One: Dentist

Rather than calling our newest doctors “associates,” practitioners within their first year of joining the Apex Family are referred to simply as “Dentist.” The decision not to use the title “Associate” is made to emphasize the high level of trust and autonomy our doctors have already been empowered with upon joining Apex. Dentists new to Apex quickly gain a sense of ownership in their practice and grow confident in their authority as change-makers. 

During this first stage, we encourage dentists to primarily focus on leading their care teams to strengthen the critical bonds of trust with those they work with side by side every day. As confidence increases, we encourage our new dentists to become active in their Office Leadership Team, led by the tenured dentists and Office Business Manager of their practice. Finally, they are encouraged to take part in opportunities for mentorship, connect with colleagues at in-person and virtual events, and take in both in-house and external CE made available by the Apex support team. 

Stage Two: Partner

A Dentist who is passionate and engaged in the success of their practice will be invited to become a Partner. Becoming a Partner means the dentist has successfully shown:

  • Ownership for their practice and the team at their individual practice through an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Positivity and ambition that inspires others to pay forward a good attitude
  • Dedication to direct their team’s energy to providing an outstanding patient experience
  • Professional growth of themselves and an investment in the growth of their teammates
  • Focus toward long-term success 

Partner Dentists earn a higher level of involvement in leadership and management by gaining full access to their practice’s P&L statement. This benefit directly pairs with the Apex Profit Share Program in which we split profits with our Partners. This means our Partner Dentists have a vested interest in all aspects of the practice and are able to enjoy the economic potential of practice ownership as well as the security of a supported practice. 

Ultimate Stage: Equity Partner

Many Partner Dentists will remain Partner Dentists for the rest of their career, enjoying the financial incentives of being a leader in a great organization. However, Partner Dentists who wish to take the next step and become an Equity Partner can do so by showing they are dedicated to growing not only their practice but also the company overall. 

These most successful Partner Dentists will be invited to make a cash-equity investment in Apex and become Equity Partners. As owners, they enjoy not only the benefits of our Profit Share Program but also the opportunity to benefit from future value creation. Named to the Inc. 5000’s list of fastest growing companies four years running, Apex grew over 60% in revenue in 2021 alone. Becoming an Equity Partner means joining Apex leadership, investors, and other Equity Partners in owning a part of a rapidly growing organization.

Rewarding Those Who Lead

For dentist leaders who want to pair professional success with the financial stability and peace of mind of a premier organization, Apex’s unique path for clinicians offers opportunity for long-term wealth creation. We know that as we empower our dentists to grow while matching their commitment to excellence with progressively greater rewards, we can all enjoy the benefits of success.

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