At Apex, we’re committed to providing patients with the best dental experience possible. In order to build long-term relationships, we understand that we must first build long-term employee relationships, and that begins with culture. Apex and our affiliated clinical teams enjoy a friendly, collaborative work environment focused on providing the highest quality care. We take pride in a culture that values integrity, services, and excellence above all.

Take a look at our currently available opportunities or read more about our different career paths below.

Apex offers a career path for hygienists


We believe in making dentistry as comfortable and accessible as possible. That’s why we look for personable, friendly, and experienced Dental Hygienists who enjoy building patient relationships. A successful Dental Hygienist possesses outstanding communication skills, is up to date on the latest advancements in the field, and is comfortable educating patients on proper oral health techniques. Dental Hygienists spend as much time with patients as anyone else in the practice, so commitment to exceptional patient care is a must!

Apex offers a career path for Dentists


Whether you are early in your career or bring decades of experience, Apex Dental Partners’ supported practices value passionate doctors seeking an opportunity to build a rewarding career by providing excellent clinical care in a collaborative, team-based environment. By offering full non-clinical support, Apex Dental Partners allows its supported dentists to focus entirely on patient care and avoid the administrative burdens of practice management. Personal and professional freedom are attributes of dentistry you should expect, not dream of.

Apex offers a career path for dental assistants

Dental Assistants

Dental Assistants play an integral role at each of our dental offices. A successful Dental Assistant possesses an extensive knowledge of dental terminology, an outstanding ability to multitask, and a desire to build a career serving patients. While experience is greatly valued, a ‘can-do’ attitude and a passion for patient care define the ideal Dental Assistant.

Apex offers a career path for office support staff

Office Support Staff

Providing an outstanding patient experience doesn’t just happen while patients are sitting in the dental chair. As the first point of contact, we rely on our non-clinical team members to create a great first impression for our patients. Apex Dental Partners is looking for relationship-driven professionals to provide management and administrative support for our clinical teams. These team members play an integral role in shaping patient experience and must thrive in a collaborative, team-oriented environment. Roles include: Office Manager, Patient Coordinator, and Benefit Coordinator.


We focus on building high-performing teams because we know that how we perform at work impacts our patients’ lives. We never lose sight of the fact that supporting great clinical teams is more than what we do; it’s how we serve others.

We invite you to review currently available opportunities.